Hey Boss Lady!

Women are in positions of leadership in the business world more than ever before. And for many women who make it to the top, it’s about more than just power and a big paycheck. They’re giving back, in ways that sometimes even they never expected!

Hey Boss, Lady! Is our new podcast about what women are doing once they make it to the top of their fields. The stories they tell are stories of transformation. They’re stories that inspire and, at a time in our world when we’re all facing challenges, they give us hope.

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Jerelyn Rodriguez: Job Training and Racial Equity
January 4, 2022

Jerelyn Rodriguez started out as a teacher, but even in her early career years she saw a need for change. Students from low-income and underserved communities often found themselves left out of the college track, and she wanted to do something about it. She’s now co-founder and CEO of The Knowledge House, a nonprofit that has trained hundreds of students for well-paying careers in technology fields and is well on its way to going national. On this episode of Hey, Boss Lady, she talks with hosts Andrea Goeglein and Kristi Atwater about her work.

Sheila Ronning: So You Want a Seat on a Corporate Board?
December 21, 2021

Sheila Ronning started her professional life as a receptionist at Best Buy. A college drop-out, she found a path in management there that she says paid better than the salary she would have made as a teacher. She’s now an entrepreneur and head of an organization she started called Women in the Boardroom. And she’s on a mission to get more women on corporate boards. She joins Hey, Boss Lady hosts Kristi Atwater and Andrea Goeglein to talk about why there are still so few women in those powerful seats and what she’s doing about it.

Elizabeth Blau: Fixing the broken rung
December 7, 2021

Elizabeth Blau is founder and CEO of the restaurant development company Blau + Associates and is widely credited with transforming Las Vegas into the world-class culinary destination it is today. She joins Hey, Boss Lady hosts Andrea Goeglein and Kristi Atwater to talk about why so few women are in leadership roles as head chefs and restaurant owners in the food world, and what her organization, the Women’s Hospitality Initiative, is trying to do about it.

Alisia Ford: Filling a Void for Women of Color
November 23, 2021

Imagine leaving your career as a successful attorney and starting a new business–in the pandemic. That’s what Alisia Ford did. She’s the founder of Glory Skincare, a new company devoted to products for women of color. The company is filling a void in the marketplace, and it’s meeting a need for Alisia to follow her dreams. She talks with Hey, Boss Lady hosts Andrea Goeglein and Kristi Atwater about how she did it.

Sabrina Serafin: Know the Numbers, but Nail the Soft Skills

November 3, 2021

Our guest on Hey, Boss Lady! today is Sabrina Serafin, a partner at Frazier and Deeter, and a corporate partner of Hey, Boss Lady. She’s made it to the upper echelons in her field, but  she says one of the secrets to her success is the attention she pays to the “soft skills”. She joins Hey, Boss Lady hosts Kristi Atwater and Andrea Goeglein to talk about how she mentors her younger colleagues in the male-dominated world of accounting.

Kema Ogden: The Power of Entrepreneurs

October 26, 2021

Our guest this week on Hey, Boss Lady! is Kema Ogden, an entrepreneur and a community advocate making big waves in Nevada that resonate far beyond the state itself. She started the Ogden Family Foundation, and she’s an advocate for social justice, medicinal cannabis and access to health care for all.  She joins Hey, Boss Lady hosts Kristi Atwater and Andrea Goeglein to talk about what drives her to make change.

Tom Colicchio: Restaurants, Women and Childcare for All

October 12, 2021

On Episode Two of Hey, Boss Lady, we have a special guest: Tom Colicchio. The chef and owner of Crafted Hospitality is perhaps best known for his role as a head judge on the popular television series Top Chef, but he has a lot to say about women leaders in the restaurant business. He joins hosts Kristi Atwater and Andrea Goeglein to talk about what goes on between men and women on the show and in professional kitchens, the impact of the pandemic on restaurants, and his passion: local, healthy food for all.

Becoming a change agent

September 28, 2021

Nadia Hansen went to college to study art. In her home country of Pakistan, her parents wanted her to be a lawyer or a doctor. She went in a completely different direction–technology– and navigated a male-dominated field to become a digital change agent. She’s now the Chief Information Officer for Clark County, Nevada, leading a digital transformation of county services. From her inside seat in the tech world, she talks with Hey, Boss Lady hosts Andrea Goeglein and Kristi Atwater about how technology is both liberating us and tying us down, and what she does to break away from it all.

Season II Preview:

Women leaders: What difference does it make that there are more of us now?

September 21, 2021

We launch Season II of Hey, Boss Lady with a special season preview.

The landscape for women in leadership is better than it used to be, but in the corporate and nonprofit worlds, most top positions are still held by men. Hey, Boss Lady is a podcast about women leaders and their stories of how they got there and what they’re doing to make change. In this Season II preview, psychologist Andrea Goeglein and corporate executive Kristi Atwater share their insights about the challenges still facing women on their road to the top, and the difference they’re making when they get there.

Andrea and Kristi both have a lot to say from their own experiences. Combining her background in positive psychology with her years as an entrepreneur, Andrea Goeglein has mentored countless CEOs in her business, ServingSuccess. Kristi Atwater has more than 20 years of experience in the corporate world. She is Chief Audit Executive at Everi, a prominent company in the gaming industry, and leads the Women’s Executive Circle in Las Vegas, a group devoted to getting more women in the c-suite and on corporate boards.

Season II guests include Las Vegas entrepreneur and philanthropist Kema Ogden, a powerful community advocate; Sheila Ronning, president and founder of Women in the Boardroom; and–a first for Hey, Boss Lady–a male guest, celebrity Tom Colicchio, head judge of the popular series Top Chef and a well-known advocate for women in the culinary world.

Co-hosts: Andrea Goeglein and Kristin Atwater

Co-hosts: Andrea Goeglein and Kristin Atwater