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Hey Boss Lady!

Women are in positions of leadership in the business world more than ever before. And for many women who make it to the top, it’s about more than just power and a big paycheck. They’re giving back, in ways that sometimes even they never expected!

Hey Boss, Lady! Is our new podcast about what women are doing once they make it to the top of their fields. The stories they tell are stories of transformation. They’re stories that inspire and, at a time in our world when we’re all facing challenges, they give us hope.

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Episode 9: Never Too Late

March 2, 2021

Rita Glosser, owner and Founder of Reminkie Memory Bears and Custom Keepsakes – When Rita was in her sixties, she found her mother’s mink stole in a box and decided to make a teddy bear out of it. Never mind that she didn’t know how to sew. That was the start of her business. 25 years later, it’s still going strong, and so is Rita. In fact, she says the pandemic year may be her biggest year yet, with customers at home cleaning out closets. Meet Rita Glosser in this episode of Hey, Boss Lady!

Episode 8: Giving Back

February 16, 2021

U.S. Representative Susie Lee – Susie Lee didn’t know she would be a politician and go to Washington DC, but she knew she was destined for a life of community service. In this episode of Hey, Boss Lady, we’ll learn how this Nevada woman made the leap to run for Congress and joined the historic class of women entering the political arena in 2018. She’s now the 3rd District Representative from the state of Nevada.

Episode 7: A Force for Change

February 3, 2021

Tiffany Warren, Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for Sony Music Group – Calls for racial justice and equality in 2020 have changed a conversation Tiffany Warren has been part of her whole professional life. Says Tiffany, “There are a whole lot more people at the table now”. Early in her advertising career in Boston, she began working toward racial diversity. She started the non-profit ADCOLOR devoted to diversity in advertising. Today, she is the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Sony Music Group, where she says the music industry has the opportunity to be a powerful force for change.

Episode 6: “That Expletive Broad”

January 20, 2021

Attorney and Author Jennifer Gaynor Reveals the Powerful Stories of Women in the Gaming Industry – By day, Jennifer works as an attorney in the Las Vegas gaming industry, where she has played a key role in reshaping Nevada gaming law. In her other life, she’s an author. Her recent book, That Expletive Broad, is a fascinating collection of little-told stories about the women who have made a difference in the country’s gaming history.

Episode 5: Winning the Race
From the “C Suite” to the Race Course

January 5, 2021

In this episode of Hey, Boss Lady!, we’ll meet Nikki Etherington, a partner at a major international accounting firm, a mom and a racecar driver. It might not seem that way, but they all connect in ways that help her with a very demanding career.

Episode 4: Daring to Dream
How a Lifelong Commitment to Community Service Led a California Vintner to Join the Peace Corps in her Sixties

December 22,2020

Linda Neal’s career is the stuff of dreams. She turned her high school experience in Future Farmers of America into a lifelong career in the wine industry. She’s sole owner/operator of Tierra Roja Vineyard, a small boutique winery in the lush Napa Valley. But that’s not all. All her life, community service has been important to her. In her sixties, she decided it was time to join the Peace Corps. That story’s coming up in this episode of Hey, Boss Lady!.

Episode 3: Becoming a Role Model
How the CFO of a Successful Las Vegas Gaming Company Becomes a Mentor for Women in her Field

December 8,2020

In this episode of Hey, Boss Lady, we meet Chelle Adams, a mother of two and the CFO of the successful Las Vegas gaming company, The Cosmopolitan. Chelle broke barriers in two male-dominated industries–finance and gaming–and now seeks to be the role model she never had.

Episode 2: The Power of Collaboration
How the Leader of a Domestic Violence Prevention Nonprofit Navigates the “Perfect Storm” Caused by the Pandemic

December 8, 2020

On this episode of Hey, Boss Lady!, we meet Liz Ortenberger, CEO of SafeNest, a Nevada nonprofit agency devoted to ending domestic violence. When the pandemic hit, it created what Liz Ortenberger calls a perfect storm for domestic violence. Unlike many nonprofits hit hard by the early shutdown, SafeNest, with Liz’s business background, had a cash reserve that helped it respond to the crisis.

Episode 1: Transformation
A Former Ballet Dancer Finds a New Stage

December 8, 2020

Colleen Werner loved to dance. But when an injury brought her young ballet career to a halt, she had to rethink everything. She bootstrapped a wellness company in an apartment building in Chicago that in a few short years has become a national leader in the wellness industry. We’ll meet her in this episode of Hey, Boss Lady!.

Co-hosts: Andrea Goeglein and Kristin Atwater

Co-hosts: Andrea Goeglein and Kristin Atwater