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Thank you Kayla for organizing and connecting us with our community and for having Dr Andrea Goeglein this evening!

What an honor it was to listen and learn from you Dr. Andrea Goeglein.

I think thoughts and feelings are harder to control as it is something that happens so naturally. Good and bad whether caused by someone, something or situation, we feel and have thoughts about it.

Though when it’s positive I’ve been able to feel and be in the present.
And when it’s negative, I’ve been trying to ignore, avoid and fight against myself by trying to find reasons to justify the actions.

And as you mentioned, fighting is denying and we do not deny.
I think we can control thoughts and feelings to a certain degree. Language, I have the ability to control it 100 percent as I can choose what to say or not say.

Thoughts anyone?
I absolutely loved seeing everyone online and interacting via zoom!

There is no doubt that 2020 was a lemon of a year for the world. This Zoom discussion focused on equipping ourselves with the best tools to shake off that extra stress and mental baggage we carried with us into 2021.

Essentially, we dove into an interesting conversation on how our own limiting beliefs hold us back from doing what we truly want. It’s the negative self-talk that stops you every time you try to push yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s everything from the discouraging thing someone said to you in the past that you can’t seem to shake. You know, it’s the negative self-talk that runs loops in your head. The troubling thing about these negative thoughts is how it truly impacts your daily life. Your self-talk and words have power, and you need to be sure you have that in-check if you want to really grab life by the horns.

We discussed how tricky limiting beliefs are and how they eventually influence how you act . Dr Goeglein, as other reviewers mentioned, was radiant and upbeat. She provided us practical ways on how you can “flag” those negative thoughts to stop the endless cycle and set yourself up for success.

She explained that we all have a choice to make. You can either give in to your default thoughts and keep repeating them or get deliberate and evolve from them. I chose the latter and am very thankful to have joined this session with the very impactful Dr. Goeglein, and our lovely Las Vegas CM, Kayla.

Thank you, Dr. Goeglein, for your positivity, energy, wisdom and insight. And most importantly, for telling us to take a nap! Yes!! Thank you! I knew it! I knew I needed more naps.

Thank you to community manager, Kayla, for hosting.

Great session about the power of language and thought. It was nice to have participation and sharing too from the attendees.

A good reminder to not fight ourselves, and helpful tips for how to prevent negativity from beginning and running our day.

Getting ready to Meet Dr Andrea Goeglein.

Who is the creator of The Language Of Your Success.

This is definitely one of the cool things about the YelpFam, that you can grow with the community.

Things like waking up with a positive thought can make your day go better.

Writing down your dreams in a journal can help you make better decisions.

How changing the words you use daily can have an awesome impact in your life.

Thanks to Kayla for putting this event together, and Dr Andrea for sharing her knowledge with us.

Wow. What a wonderful
Webinar! I learned so much. Life can be a challenge and the last year really threw us a curve ball and learning how to socialize all over again, re focus using the proper language and verbiage was just a breath of fresh air. It’s always nice to see all the other Yelpers and have such a spectacular event with such an amazing teacher and Kayla a big shout out for putting this together for us!!!! Bravo

Fantastic webinar!!!. Learned the importance of word selection not just in what you write but in what you say in everyday situations. Really found the word substitutions extremely helpful. Stressing the importance of how you present your point either makes you approachable or someone to avoid.
Dr. Goeglein did an excellent job presenting the material. Wonderful energy and enthusiam. There was opportunities for questions that Dr. Goeglein applied the content to real life situations. . Thank you Dr. Goeglein and Kayla for the extremely productive webinar.

Full disclaimer:I I’ve known Dr. Andrea Goeglein for several years, but I’d never attended one of her amazing events. I should have known her teachings would align perfectly with what I’m currently studying. I love her energy & enthusiasm. I feel like when you are seeking more information the universe has a way of getting it to you. It always seems so effortless as though it was always available if only you had recognized & asked for it. I went home & immediately worked on the 5 negative people exercise & also asked a few friends to do the same. I have always felt that I retain & learn more when I share with friends. I think it is so important to focus on gratitude. Thanks to Kayla for setting this up – and I can’t wait for the live in person one! Thanks also to those that shared your stories.

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