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C.J. Neff Latin Chamber

Beyond Success by the Numbers

Success by the numbers seems like an easy way to measure your current life success.  C.J. Neff, Private Wealth Advisor for Hightower Las Vegas, moved beyond the numbers.  Yes, it was numbers that got him moving, yet his transition from one satisfying career to another is a model we all could learn from. I invited...
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What Were You Doing at 16?

What were you doing at 16? Think back to when you were 14, 15, and 16 years old. Do you remember what was happening in the world? Okay, okay, so maybe I cannot actually remember what I was doing or what was happening in the world either.   What I know was what I was not...
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Evolving the Spirit of Leadership

Do you see evidence that the spirit of leadership has evolved? I do.  Here is my evidence: an academic biography that reads: “I am a graduate of the Chicago Public Schools system; former food stamps and public assistance recipient; a wife to a glorious woman I have loved for 30 years; a parent to a...
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Dave and Richard

What Are Your 15 Words?

What are the 15 words you want to be remembered as when you complete a business deal and/or at the end of your life? That was the question a businesswoman asked as she began to share about the impact a mutual friend and business partner had on her life.  She continued, “David Winfield Clark, a...
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Supplying the Chain to Solve Social Injustice

Have you ever wondered how your business talents could impact great social change? Having a Master’s in business, logistics, and supply chain management might not seem like a straight line to founding the social injustice solution organization, 1M4.org, yet that is exactly what Tansy McNulty has achieved.  I had the pleasure of meeting Tansy at...
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Can Kindness Help Business?

Kindness is one of the 24 VIA Strengths.  I remember the first time I had a conversation with an entrepreneurial client who had just found out they had Kindness as one of their top 5 strengths.  They knew it was an accurate assessment of their strength. They also wondered aloud if being kind had hindered...
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Emily in Paris Meet Andrea in Paris

n Paris was and is one of my guilty binge-worthy pleasures.  The setting, the clothes, the characters.    I prepared for my vacation there this week by doing all the normal things one does for a trip.   I packed, organized, and shut out all the unthinkable things that occurred during the week by rewatching...
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Conversations With People Who Hate Me

Some titles are just so good that I can’t stop myself from finding out more.  The podcast, Conversations with People Who Hate Me was just such a temptation.  I heard about the podcast through another podcast, Your Undivided Attention, which has become a regular in my listening routine.  Why?  Because as part of my own...
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30 is the New 20

I appreciate it when a “mistake” is so perfect it sets off a chain reaction of good.  That is exactly what happened when a friend recommended to a group of us that we watch an episode of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.  The episode was celebrating the 20-year anniversary of Marianne Williams’ book, A Return to...
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