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The Unicorn Challenge for groups

The Unicorn Challenge

Embrace the power of unicorns and experience a magical transformation with The Unicorn Challenge! This 60-minute virtual experience prioritizes mental health and well-being to unlock possibilities you never knew existed.
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The Business of Flourishing

The Business of Flourishing

The Business of Flourishing explores a version of success that is backed by science; driven by your values and powered by love – love of knowing who you are; love of knowing what you value; and the love of knowing that your greatest success comes when you love yourself enough to bring what you value...
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Fall Scene Completing and Remembering 2022

Completing and Remembering 2022

A tradition is defined loosely defined as a custom passed on from generation to generation.  Posting a blog each year might not live up to the real intent of a tradition, yet ever since I was gifted this exercise somewhere along the road of my own development, sharing it has become a mental moment of...
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The Greatest Generation 2.0

The impact of Gen Zers has been in the news a lot lately.  In my humble observation, the Zoomers just may be the Greatest Generation2.0.  From climate to school and gun safety to mental health, community involvement, politics, and social inclusion and change, Gen Zers have moved the needle. One Gen Z member, Victor Shi,...
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C.J. Neff Latin Chamber

Beyond Success by the Numbers

Success by the numbers seems like an easy way to measure your current life success.  C.J. Neff, Private Wealth Advisor for Hightower Las Vegas, moved beyond the numbers.  Yes, it was numbers that got him moving, yet his transition from one satisfying career to another is a model we all could learn from. I invited...
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What Were You Doing at 16?

What were you doing at 16? Think back to when you were 14, 15, and 16 years old. Do you remember what was happening in the world? Okay, okay, so maybe I cannot actually remember what I was doing or what was happening in the world either.   What I know was what I was not...
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Dr. DeRionne Pollard

Evolving the Spirit of Leadership

Do you see evidence that the spirit of leadership has evolved? I do.  Here is my evidence: an academic biography that reads: “I am a graduate of the Chicago Public Schools system; former food stamps and public assistance recipient; a wife to a glorious woman I have loved for 30 years; a parent to a...
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Dave and Richard

What Are Your 15 Words?

What are the 15 words you want to be remembered as when you complete a business deal and/or at the end of your life? That was the question a businesswoman asked as she began to share about the impact a mutual friend and business partner had on her life.  She continued, “David Winfield Clark, a...
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Supplying the Chain to Solve Social Injustice

Have you ever wondered how your business talents could impact great social change? Having a Master’s in business, logistics, and supply chain management might not seem like a straight line to founding the social injustice solution organization, 1M4.org, yet that is exactly what Tansy McNulty has achieved.  I had the pleasure of meeting Tansy at...
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