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The Real Social Dilemma

As much as I like writing about passion and paychecks, I believe there is a real social dilemma we are not speaking about.  Knowing I view all questions through the lens of positive psychology, and the belief that all human problems have human solutions, let me know if you know the answer (or a good...
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Channeling Your Inner Ukrainian

Do you remember the first time you wondered if you would be brave enough to take an action you knew others were brave enough to take? Do you remember your answer when you asked yourself, “Will I be willing to do that?” I am the girl who wrote the book, Don’t Die Waiting to be...
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Does your life have meaning?

By Andrea Goeglein – No matter the time of year, you can be sure the topic of creating a life with meaning has relevance.  In my work, I teach it is ‘easy’ to find meaning if you know and use your natural strengths — your values in action. As we begin another decade, pause and...
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Mental Health Day

7 Signs You Need A Mental Health Day

I am sure there is a skit or two on SNL about needing and taking a mental health day.  Yet, the way work and life have evolved in our post-industrial age makes the burnout we feel more real than many of us want to admit.  The following article outlines my thinking on when to take and...
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Why Your Strengths- Not Your Passions Are the Key to a Happy Career

Preface — The following piece originally ran in the The author interviewed me extensively on a topic I love to discuss. What was fun about this piece coming out is it gave me a chance to teach what I needed to learn. I had been interviewed for the piece, but never knew when the...
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Integrity 101

by Andrea Goeglein Do you conduct your business life with integrity?  Integrity is actually one of the values that the research behind the VIA (Values in Action) showed to be present when a society flourished. Dr. Success Challenge:  Make a few quick lists 1) List a time someone in business did not engage in your...
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Tom Rath is Fully Charged

by Andrea Goeglein Tom Rath’s new book has me fully charged.  Before I tell you why, I want to thank – again – Ben Dean of Mentor Coach for the outstanding educational platform he has developed.  I bought Fully Charged because I received a notice that Ben was doing an interview with Tom.  If you...
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The Mission of Values

Every so often in my work I am given the opportunity to experience first hand why groups of people need to organize around a central mission that they value when they come together to achieve a goal.  It does not matter if the group is a family, a small business, or a huge business or...
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This week has been all about freedom in the United States.   Freedom may have been the theme, but I was reminded how important the emotional strength of courage is to our freedom in some unusual ways.  The courage of those who protect our freedom is obvious.  What I had lost focus of was how much courage it takes  achieve...
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Crazy Busy or Happy Busy?

I have a very simple Dr. Success challenge to start your new month. Dr. Success Challenge:  Answer these questions:  Do you have a tendency of describing your day as ‘crazy busy’?  If so, how do you feel when you describe your day that way? As an experiment, when asked, describe your day as ‘happy busy’. ...
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