values in action

Are You a Contender?

Do you feel as though you are just too tired to try again? Do you feel you land the punches perfectly but keep getting knocked down? Do you wonder if you have it in you to get up, yet again, and fight the good fight? Do you feel all those things and try again, anyway;...
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A Debt of Gratitude

By Andrea Goeglein Thousands of people owe a debt of gratitude to television host John Oliver.  He showed me what it looks like to see a terrible injustice and do something to make things right.  His idea and action saved many strangers from medical bankruptcy. If you think this has nothing to do with my...
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Integrity 101

by Andrea Goeglein Do you conduct your business life with integrity?  Integrity is actually one of the values that the research behind the VIA (Values in Action) showed to be present when a society flourished. Dr. Success Challenge:  Make a few quick lists 1) List a time someone in business did not engage in your...
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The Value of Lemonade Stands

One of the 24 Values In Action from Positive Psychology research is Persistence (Perseverance and Industriousness)(p.229).  This weekend I stopped to buy a glass of lemonade from two children in my neighborhood.  I had backed out of my garage and did not notice the lemonade stand until I was about turn the corner.  I pulled...
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Tis the seasons to be thinking, buying, wrapping, and sending gifts.  Tis also the season to remember you have natural gifts that lead to your life satisfaction and success – naturally — if you use them.  The reason life is better, more satisfying and more successful if you use your natural talents is summed up...
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