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Resilience Fatigue

Clearly, no one would ever say I am not a resilient person.  More important than what others might say, I would not say I am not a resilient person.  However, ever since I read the research on willpower fatigue, I noticed something I would call ‘resilience fatigue’.  What I am noticing is that sometimes I...
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Michael Jackson the Spiritual Teacher

The legendary Michael Jackson came to be known as many things during his short lifetime, but I never remember ‘spiritual teacher’ being one of them.  I, however, was sent on a mission to find the lyrics of Jackson’s Man In The Mirror  after reading the following passage by the 1920s spiritual philosopher, Ernest Holmes: “Life...
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The season, and today, December 25, has become about gifts. No judgement, just stating the obvious.  In the US  generally the “holiday season” has become about buying, giving and getting gifts. Dr. Success Christmas Challenge:   Discover your top 5 strengths — your natural gifts — and design your days so that you are able to...
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Is the promotion of happiness making us sad?

By Brock Bastian, University of Queensland Western culture places an extraordinary emphasis on happiness – and continuous happiness – as the goal each of us should strive for in our lives. But we’re increasingly realising this goal may actually be making us unhappy. Television advertising shows people becoming happier with every new acquisition, alongside national...
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What ‘Don’t Die’ Means

I have been contemplating submitting a proposal for a TEDx talk to be held in Las Vegas in December. I am not sure I will yet, but in doing some research I came across this TED talk I felt was worth sharing. A good thought — and I could see this as an inspirational project...
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Random Acts of Kindle Kindness Grows Dreams

During the month of August, I created Random Acts of KindleKindness.  The act entailed sending Kindle copies of Don’t Die with Your Song Unsung to friends, coworkers, clients, etc.  To seed the Acts, I gave the executive director of the Fredrick Douglas Family Foundation $10 and told him to send copies to 10 people he thought...
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Yeah, But It Won’t Last!

Today is a “weather perfect day” in Las Vegas.  This day followed a record breaking rainfall for any day since records have been kept for Las Vegas.  As I began my 7 a.m. walk, the air was crisp, the birds were singing, and the leaves on the trees gave enough cover to feel a bit...
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The Value of Lemonade Stands

One of the 24 Values In Action from Positive Psychology research is Persistence (Perseverance and Industriousness)(p.229).  This weekend I stopped to buy a glass of lemonade from two children in my neighborhood.  I had backed out of my garage and did not notice the lemonade stand until I was about turn the corner.  I pulled...
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Random Act of Kindle Kindness

As August, 2012 comes to a close with the light of a Blue Moon, I wanted to re-post this offer that expires this Monday.  Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day Weekend.  If your travels take you to Queens, NY Resorts World New York, Gary Russo will be performing free at the 360 Bar, Sunday...
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Three F’s to Live By

Forgive Focus Future Forgive the past. Focus on the present. Create your future. Need I write more? Peace is a process – whether it is world peace or personal peace. Thank you,  Andrea T. Goeglein, PhD http://www.linkedin.com/in/drsuccessphd https://www.facebook.com/DrSuccessPhD P.S.  I took this photo at the Stanford Shopping Center in September 2011.  I titled it in...
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