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Do You Want To Stop Negative Self Chatter and Stress?

In this unprecedented time, more than ever we are needing skills and insights to cope with stress, negative self chatter, and feelings of disconnection.  I am part of a free online series, with other experts, that have come together to offer you our expert wisdom and experience to help you through these times. This Free...
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Travel Into Yourself

Travel as a personal growth tool is a cheap ticket to discovering just how brave you are or care to be.  No matter your age or occupation, the sharing economy has expanded the ability to physically travel.  Yet, the real journey of travel is how you apply what you have experienced to your personal growth...
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Synchronicity, Gratitude and Smiling

By Andrea Goeglein Synchronicity, gratitude and smiling are three things that show up in my days whether I plan them or not.  Synchronicity seeds gratitude and gratitude usually brings a smile to my face.  When I pause and write down the synchronistic events that seeded the gratitude, I know I have increased the probability that...
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The A's of Infinite Action

Accept Giving Gives

By Andrea Goeglein When you give, you receive.  That is a teaching within many spiritual traditions, and a grounded learning within Positive Psychology.  When studying individuals and how satisfied they are with their lives, it has been found that those who give to organizations or others in need, report greater overall satisfaction with their lives....
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Rethinking Positive Thinking

The following blog is the copyright property of Doug Hensch, founder of DRH Group.  I was granted permission to reprint this post because it featured two things I care a lot about: 1) a business example that differentiates between positive thinking and Positive Psychology, and 2) a book suggestion with research which informs how to...
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Savoring The Moment

The beauty of Positive Psychology is its simple, cost-free approach to achieving results.  Want to increase your level of life satisfaction, well-being or happiness? It is simple:  learn to savor small moments during your day. Over the last week I savored more than just one moment re-reading Paulo Coehlo’s, The Alchemist.  I made a note of many...
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Friends, Love and Letting Go By Jada Yarbough

By Jada Yarbough (who turns 18 August 20) Should I let go of someone I love? Have you ever had to ask yourself that question? I did recently and the answer was hard to take but the positive impact on my life has led me to appreciate the importance of asking the question. It is...
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Jada Yarbough

Several weeks ago I introduced a guest blogger, Jada Yarbough.  I am pleased to announce that Jada will be contributing to my blog twice a month, beginning the first week of July.  Jada will be sharing her experience of applying the principles of Positive Psychology as she traverses young adulthood, college and life in general....
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VIA Survey


The season, and today, December 25, has become about gifts. No judgement, just stating the obvious.  In the US  generally the “holiday season” has become about buying, giving and getting gifts. Dr. Success Christmas Challenge:   Discover your top 5 strengths — your natural gifts — and design your days so that you are able to...
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Negative Reports of Positive Psychology

Negative reports of positive psychology show ignorance isn’t bliss By Adam Barsky, University of Melbourne and Michael Zyphur, University of Melbourne Perhaps because the word positive automatically brings to mind the insufferable yellow smiley face, the field of positive psychology is struggling to get the respect that it deserves. Two articles in the Fairfax press...
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