positive thinking

Do You Want To Stop Negative Self Chatter and Stress?

In this unprecedented time, more than ever we are needing skills and insights to cope with stress, negative self chatter, and feelings of disconnection.  I am part of a free online series, with other experts, that have come together to offer you our expert wisdom and experience to help you through these times. This Free...
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WOOP it Up!

Are you a person who gets annoyed by all the talk about positive thinking and positive psychology? Do you secretly wish I and others in my field would turn down the happy? If you pride yourself on being a critical thinker or know that you are an introverted thinker, researcher Gabriele Oettingen’s work known by...
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Rethinking Positive Thinking

The following blog is the copyright property of Doug Hensch, founder of DRH Group.  I was granted permission to reprint this post because it featured two things I care a lot about: 1) a business example that differentiates between positive thinking and Positive Psychology, and 2) a book suggestion with research which informs how to...
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Negative Reports of Positive Psychology

Negative reports of positive psychology show ignorance isn’t bliss By Adam Barsky, University of Melbourne and Michael Zyphur, University of Melbourne Perhaps because the word positive automatically brings to mind the insufferable yellow smiley face, the field of positive psychology is struggling to get the respect that it deserves. Two articles in the Fairfax press...
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I have a dream…

Today, as a nation, we celebrate the life, accomplishments and contributions, of Dr. Martin Luther King.  So many of his words have become infamous that often we don’t remember the man who spoke them or why he said them. Maybe the greatest honor of all is when you words still inspire, even if you are...
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