The Unicorn Challenge for groups

The Unicorn Challenge

Embrace the power of unicorns and experience a magical transformation with The Unicorn Challenge! This 60-minute virtual experience prioritizes mental health and well-being to unlock possibilities you never knew existed.
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Competing 2020 Incompletes

Completing 2020 seems to be the goal in the minds and hearts of all those I speak with whether in business or my personal life.  To say 2020 was a “unique year” seems like such an incomplete definition.  Yet, it was with the concept of ‘incompletes’ in mind that I decided to change up my...
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Resolve to Create Goals that Work

by Andrea Goeglein No matter the time of year, when you resolve to strive for a goal, set the goal using one of the many methods that work.  I discuss my preferred way in this current LiveHappy Podcast, but there are a host of methods I respect. One simple method is to create steps by...
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Do You Have “Dead People’s Goals?” 

“I understand,” I say to them.  “But you have dead people’s goals.“ Dr. Susan David, TEDWomen 2017 And clients tell me I am direct!  Clearly, they have never listed to Dr. Susan David’s TED talk. From minute one of her talk, I knew I was going to like this woman and her thinking.  With great...
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[VIDEO] 4 Ways Fatigue is Your Teacher

Are you feeling as though you are always tired?  Are you always saying that you are so tired you cannot seem to get anything done?  Do you worry out loud that fatigue is causing you to fail in life? I believe fatigue is a well-disguised avoidance technique.  Are you willing to entertain the possibility that...
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WOOP it Up!

Are you a person who gets annoyed by all the talk about positive thinking and positive psychology? Do you secretly wish I and others in my field would turn down the happy? If you pride yourself on being a critical thinker or know that you are an introverted thinker, researcher Gabriele Oettingen’s work known by...
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[New Video] No New Goals!

by Andrea Goeglein No new goals!  I bet you never expected to see a blog from me making that statement.  Okay, so it is a conditional statement.  The full statement is:  No new goals in December. December in the United States has a way of adding so many additional engagements and requirements to your calendar,...
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Fear of Focus

“Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.” — Earl Nightingale January 31, 2017 marked the end of the first month of 2017. ...
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The Habit that is a Goal

By Andrea Goeglein I have a habit.  My habit is I like to set goals.  I began the year shifting my teaching from goal setting to looking at the underlying habits needed to support the achievement of a desired goal.  And then another project came along.  I stopped researching how habits impact goals and began...
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Different Paths To Your Goal

By Andrea Goeglein Many times in life we are called to take a different path to reach the same goal we have been striving toward for a long time.  Over the last month, I have been called upon to do that countless times.  I then decided to create an exercise to help me open my...
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