Jada Yarbough

Rethinking Positive Thinking Part II

Rethinking Positive Thinking is all about how to stay motivated when you set a goal.  Having a great appreciation for synchronistic events, no sooner did I complete my work on my post about the book Rethinking Positive Thinking did I receive a blog post submission from another of my young adult contributors about goals and...
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Where’s Jada?

As a regular reader of my blog, have you found yourself wondering, “Where is Jada Yarbough?”  Rest assured, Jada is okay but starting college has proven to be a prioritizing challenge.  I honor and respect those times in life when things we like to do get moved aside, while things we must do take precedence....
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Friends, Love and Letting Go By Jada Yarbough

By Jada Yarbough (who turns 18 August 20) Should I let go of someone I love? Have you ever had to ask yourself that question? I did recently and the answer was hard to take but the positive impact on my life has led me to appreciate the importance of asking the question. It is...
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Other People Matter

One of the founding fathers of Positive Psychology, the late Chris Peterson, taught “other people matter.” In the early years of the field’s founding, Chris brought forward this additional and most critical aspect of well-being. As you read Jada’s most recent contribution you will see how wise her observation is when taken in the context of...
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New Beginnings by Jada Yarbough

New Beginnings is an excellent example of the possibility for moment-by-moment life reframing. Throughout Jada’s piece she expresses signs of Values in Action such as creativity and love of learning.  Jada is using self-reflection as a road to self-awareness — which leads her directly to the paramount importance of social connections to personal well-being.  Memories...
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Jada Yarbough

Several weeks ago I introduced a guest blogger, Jada Yarbough.  I am pleased to announce that Jada will be contributing to my blog twice a month, beginning the first week of July.  Jada will be sharing her experience of applying the principles of Positive Psychology as she traverses young adulthood, college and life in general....
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Can Positive Psychology Help Teenagers?

Can Positive Psychology help teenagers?  That was the question I posed to my guest blogger, Jada Yarbough.  I had the opportunity of review a Positive Psychology project Jada created and I was impressed with her thinking.  I know you will enjoy her experience and real-life application of Positive Psychology. Benefits of Positive Psychology in Teenagers...
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