New Beginnings by Jada Yarbough

New Beginnings is an excellent example of the possibility for moment-by-moment life reframing. Throughout Jada’s piece she expresses signs of Values in Action such as creativity and love of learning.  Jada is using self-reflection as a road to self-awareness — which leads her directly to the paramount importance of social connections to personal well-being.  Memories of the past light the way of the future with hope in her heart.  Jada, at 18, has a lot to teach those of us who, say, are a bit older than 18!  Please share this piece with the young adults in your life.  Happy reading.

New Beginnings 

“So how does it feel to be a high school graduate?” This is a question my friends and I have been bombarded with many times since our very recent graduation, and has since become a question that we ask ourselves. The last four years we have become very accustomed to our lives in high school. High school was similar to climbing up the levels of a totem pole; each year seemed to be as if we made it to a new level of comfort and understanding. Senior year was the year I felt most at ease with myself and where I stood in my own life, I had finally reached the top level. Suddenly, the thought that I would be placed at the bottom of the totem pole once I became a college freshman in September, made me feel a bit nervous and unsure.

As my friends and I discussed our feelings on graduation, it became apparent that we all felt that leaving high school was a bittersweet moment. Majority of the time when heading into any new experience, one is left feeling a tad uncomfortable with the change. But a change such as leaving behind high school and starting life as a college student can be quite beneficial. On one hand we are apprehensive about leaving behind such a familiar place, but on the other we are excited about moving into the next stage of our lives.

When facing such a significant change it is best to look at the hope the future brings. Starting college in the fall could seem very freightening at first but the positive aspects of college puts me at ease. College will be a chance to learn more about myself and my many interests. I will be able to explore the various topics that a university provides me with, partake in exciting school and club activities and dive into a sea of new faces making new friends. Instead of thinking of freshmen year of college as the very bottom of a totem pole, I have decided to look at it as a new level in a video game. High school was a great experience with various challenges. But after mastering high school, it is clear that it is time for me to “level up” and accomplish newer and greater things.

Dr. Success Challenge:  What life change are you about to undertake?  How are you thinking about that change?  Can you reframe your experience the way Jada reframed hers?  Are you ready to ‘level up’?

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