Robert Biswar-Diener

Upside + Dark Side

The Upside of Your Dark Side is Robert Biswas-Diener’s newest scholarly contribution to Positive Psychology.  The Upside of Your Dark Side is NOT a book about setting goals, yet it is destined to become a seminal  book about succeeding in life. Together with Todd Kashdan, Robert has added one of the biggest AND’s to the...
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New Beginnings by Jada Yarbough

New Beginnings is an excellent example of the possibility for moment-by-moment life reframing. Throughout Jada’s piece she expresses signs of Values in Action such as creativity and love of learning.  Jada is using self-reflection as a road to self-awareness — which leads her directly to the paramount importance of social connections to personal well-being.  Memories...
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Happines Questioned Part 2

2.     How much unhappiness should I have? Feelings of sadness, guilt, and anger act like radar, scanning and providing information about the quality of our lives. Negative feelings can signal that problems are occurring and that action must be taken to change courses. It wouldn’t be sensible to try to eliminate negative feelings entirely. How...
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