todd kashdan

Upside + Dark Side

The Upside of Your Dark Side is Robert Biswas-Diener’s newest scholarly contribution to Positive Psychology.  The Upside of Your Dark Side is NOT a book about setting goals, yet it is destined to become a seminal  book about succeeding in life. Together with Todd Kashdan, Robert has added one of the biggest AND’s to the...
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I Don’t Want Followers II

In my last post, I Don’t Want Followers!, I left you with some questions that could be applied to your use of social media — or any other way you invest your life energy moment-by-moment. I know creating a space between Albert Ellis ‘muster-bating’ and Dr. Cortney Warren’s imperative to Choose Honesty,  is far from easy....
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The Upside of Your Darkside

  The following blog post is from Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener, a leading scholar of Positive Psychology.  His firm, Positive Acorn, offers training for coaches and corporations. I think this new thesis and forthcoming book will be a great addition to the growing body of work within Positive Psychology. I agree with the perspective that the...
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