The A's of Infinite Action

Accept Giving Gives

By Andrea Goeglein When you give, you receive.  That is a teaching within many spiritual traditions, and a grounded learning within Positive Psychology.  When studying individuals and how satisfied they are with their lives, it has been found that those who give to organizations or others in need, report greater overall satisfaction with their lives....
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The Future of Philanthropy

Giving, and the positive impact on the giver, is a very hot topic this week.  There seems to be no end to people and causes that are in need.  A search of TED.com resulted in a an interesting conversation (as always) on the subject of the future of philanthropy. http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/katherine_fulton_you_are_the_future_of_philanthropy.html Happy Giving.  Thank you. Andrea...
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