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Here’s why it’s okay to choose paycheck over passion

The following piece, “Here’s Why it’s Okay to Choose a Paycheck Over Passion,” originally ran in The Ladders. I use my blog to republish pieces I have written elsewhere but each time I am asked to contribute my expertise on some topic, new information seems to show up.  Whether the topic is paychecks, passion, stress...
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Recently a client missed an appointment with me.  Clients that work with me know two things about missed appointments:  1) they cost the same as the investment in keeping an appointment with me, and 2) a missed appointment is an indication that they are attempting to avoid facing something. Not surprising, the client was suppose to...
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What Getting it Right Looks Like

I read this piece this morning by Eva Hogan from Spirituality & Health Magazine — a favorite by the way.  What I can say about this piece is that this is what everyone who works in personal development longs for — someone asking a question, hearing answers for themselves, and then owning the answers as their...
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Small Action, Huge Impact

I am always amazed how easy and inexpensive an act of kindness can be.  During the month of August in Las Vegas we had more 100 degree days than we needed.  As I walked past a neighbors home one ‘trash day’ this is what I saw.  What could you do to lift a persons spirit...
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Technology and Growth

Here is a quick tip for today.  Make yourself a video of something you really feel good about that you did.  Add music.  Upload to your smart phone.  Throughout the day if you find your personal inspiration going a bit flat, take a few minutes and watch your video.  It will remind every cell in...
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Are you receptive?

I have a favorite line in my first Don’t Die™ Book:  “Change is not the promise that there will be no challenges, but the hope that with each challenge you learn to grow with greater trust. What I can promise is that all this hope, change, and trust take time.” I had made a 30...
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Awareness – Part 1 Zillion

I ended my last post with the sentence… Her guidance during that time did not give me any comfort. I did not grasp that a situation could be terrible but I was still suppose to be doing it. Here is what I should have written: Her guidance during that time did not give me any...
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Don’t Die With Vacation Time on the Books

My book, Don’t Die with Vacation Time on the Books is short for a host of strategic reasons. Yet, the longer the book is out the more I think of things that were going on behind the scenes of the main story that is in the book. This passage is just one example. Perspective Changing...
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Success Event Last Chance

Thank you, Andrea www.Facebook.com/DrSuccessPhD http://www.dontdiebooks.com/ http://www.lvccld.org/
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Bad is Stronger Than Good

I may have written about this research before, yet I find it comes into my daily conversations. I wanted to reiterate an important message in self-help, positive psychology, personal development — or whatever you choose to call the process of life transformation — and that message is this: No one, no process, no program can...
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