Don’t Die With Vacation Time on the Books

Don'g Die With Vacation Time on the BooksMy book, Don’t Die with Vacation Time on the Books is short for a host of strategic reasons. Yet, the longer the book is out the more I think of things that were going on behind the scenes of the main story that is in the book. This passage is just one example.

Perspective Changing Events and Awareness June 2007

I found that perspective changing events come in all shapes and sizes. Around the time my friend Marel was making me promise not to die with vacation time on the books, I was doing what every 50 year old is suppose to do – get their first colonoscopy. Of course like every 50 year old, I had already put it off a year!

I heard all the horror stories of the pre-procedure prep day. I was feeling somewhat fortunate because I had someone tell me how to get around having to drink the dreaded colon prep cleanse juice. Seems if you have a doctor that knows you are trustworthy enough to drink gallons of water, they will prescribe pills to take with all that water. The result is the same, minus the nasty tasting drink. When it comes to drinking gallons of water a day, I am very, very trustworthy.

My calendar usually gets booked out a month in advance for business commitments. I found in the weeks leading up to my wellness check, I was gleefully informing people I was unavailable for a 36 hour period. Thirty-six hours! Less than a day and a half, yet I felt the only thing that would allow me that much time away from my commitments was a flipping colonoscopy. I even planned what book I was going to read the way people do when they plan a vacation! People who enjoy reading can tell you what books they are saving for their next vacation. In my case, a friend had a galley of her book, Rules for Renegades.  I was excited to have the time to read it cover to cover.  The author had agreed to be part of my Fall women’s conference.

It was only in the weeks that followed the procedure that I began to realize how warped my perspective about life, pleasure and vacations had become. I came face-to-face with the awareness that I my idea of when I deserved to take a vacation looked a lot like needing a doctor’s excuse. I realized that I had taken my Mom’s famous saying that you can stay home from school is you are dying a bit too literally.

Seems I needed to learn to: Remember: Live the ‘Don’t Die’ Spirit©
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