Clearing a Path

First Dr. Success Challenge for 2013:  Is there an area of your life you need to ‘clear a path’ to be able to move forward?  What is keeping you from investing the time to remove whatever is holding you back and to take action?  Challenge:  Set a timer for 15 minutes and take some action...
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Looking Back to Move Ahead

In 2007 when I was working with a web design team to create my ServingSuccess site, I provided photos to be included on the home page.  I felt the photos represented different emotions that people go through as they transform and develop.  I had taken all the photos submitted.  One was of the rays of...
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Gary Russo Don’t Die Author

In the last few days my cousin Gary Russo’s voice became known to millions.  This evening he agreed to be my next Don’t Die author.  I told him to sleep on a title that feels right.  I gave him the first few lines of the introduction I had written.  He paused and said, “Wow, that’s deep”. ...
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Success Books — Yours!

http://dontdiebooks.eventbrite.com  Thank you, Andrea  Write if you need additional information:  DrSuccess@ServingSuccess.com
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All You Need Is Friends

I have used the infamous Beatles song lyric many times in my writings, “All you need is friends…”Today I was reminded of that yet again.  Dear friend Claire Wolfe planned a ladies week at The Oaks in Ojai, CA.  I had intended to go but life got in the way of that intention.  Never being...
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Don’t Die Books Workshop

Dr. Success Challenge:  Notice what messages you have received in the first few hours of the day.  These messages can be written, spoken, texted, in a commerical or a song you heard.  What thoughts came to mind? The message I received today during my meditiation was to FOCUS.  My main task is to formalize and...
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Bad is Stronger Than Good

I may have written about this research before, yet I find it comes into my daily conversations. I wanted to reiterate an important message in self-help, positive psychology, personal development — or whatever you choose to call the process of life transformation — and that message is this: No one, no process, no program can...
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Don’t Die With Vacation Time on the Books

Note:  If you buy the book from Amazon, make sure to only pay the $9.97 price!  The Book is not out of stock at $9.97 and you can have all you want! Or, go to http://www.ServingSuccess.com/ A big thank you to all who have purchased the book today. I will be hosting a call to...
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