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Are you living a life or your resume?

Do you want to be known for how incredibly you live your life, or for how incredible your resume reads? For the record, your answers do not have to be mutually exclusive.   The opportunity is to begin to explore the answer younger than we have traditionally even asked the question. The potential Don’t Die ™...
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Father Knows Best

What does it take to beat the odds and live a successful life?  Richard Harris did the following when he was told his son, Tim, was born with Down syndrome: 1)  Admit disappointment, shock and fear 2)  Continue to set high expectations 3)  Learn and teach how to count the blessings of hugs in your...
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West Point Wisdom

As is the tradition at a West Point graduation, the cadets toss their hats in the air.  Young people run on to the field hoping to be lucky enough to get one of the hats.  Usually, the cadet has put a dollar bill in the hat.  A beautiful young lady cousin of graduating cadet, Lieutenant...
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Goals, Energy and Self Help Books

I once bought a book entitled Living Without Goals just because the title ticked me off so much. The thought of living without goals is so counter intuitive and so alien to me I actually bought the book just to prove the author was wrong. I bought that book 20 years ago. Today I write...
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Thank You

You may notice that I use the words Thank You a lot.  I sign a lot of my correspondence using that salutation.  I do that because it causes me to pause and think before I sign off.  Do I always mean it when I use it?  No!  But there is never a time I am...
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Do You Want to be a Lap Dancer?

What is the price you are willing to pay to have financial success? During a business strategy call this morning I found myself using a personal example of a low water mark for financial success.  Lap dancers. Let me explain.  In the community I live, lap dancers out earn me by about 10 to 1. ...
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Don’t Die With Vacation Time on the Books

Note:  If you buy the book from Amazon, make sure to only pay the $9.97 price!  The Book is not out of stock at $9.97 and you can have all you want! Or, go to http://www.ServingSuccess.com/ A big thank you to all who have purchased the book today. I will be hosting a call to...
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