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Comparing a man to an image of a boy

Relevant. Reckless. Reality

Is it relevant or reckless to deny reality?  I happen to like the phrase: “Do not deny reality, live your life to defy reality.” Those ten little words have driven so much of my personal development during the last 30 years.  Yet, recently someone I admire deeply at a professional, spiritual and personal level challenged...
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Defy Reality

Do not deny reality, live your life to defy reality. Ten little words that have driven so much of my personal development during the last 30 years. A recent review of Marty Seligman’s 1990 book, Learned Optimism, reminded me of a fact I did not remember when I first read the book in 1994. What...
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Yeah, But It Won’t Last!

Today is a “weather perfect day” in Las Vegas.  This day followed a record breaking rainfall for any day since records have been kept for Las Vegas.  As I began my 7 a.m. walk, the air was crisp, the birds were singing, and the leaves on the trees gave enough cover to feel a bit...
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Optimistic or Pessimistic?

I, for one, still come out on the side that if given a choice, I would rather be born naturally too optimistic than born naturally more pessimistic.  Why?  Seeing a situation as negative as it really is would steal me of the moments I might have to enjoy those around me or see the beauty...
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Asking Part II – What You Ask For

Never has clarity been more important as when you are setting goals and asking for assistance – especially if the assistance you are seeking is from God or your universal source. I know, I know, I am using that “G” word again. Do yourself a favor and just get over it. You would not be...
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Bad News

My last post about how to simplify the legal system can easily apply to the reporting of news. For my next three monthly segments on AM Arizona which airs from Prescott, Arizona on cable channel 27, hosts Tonya Mock and Lew Rese and I will focus on specific things you can do to reverse the...
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