when god winks

Dr. Phil Show Taping

Had an incredible experience at the Dr. Phil Show 5 hour marathon taping with my friend Carrie.  So many synchronistic things occurred from the content of my morning reading entitled Expectancy to the front row audience seat when we arrived. That day I was using a briefcase I had not used in a long time.  On...
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What is Your Concept of ‘God’?

Some mornings I wake up just feeling my ‘cheerios’. On those mornings I want to enter conversations that matter, that move the mind and touch the heart, and that just might tick someone off enough to comment! This is one of those mornings! I make no secret of my belief in God. I speak and...
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Asking Part II – What You Ask For

Never has clarity been more important as when you are setting goals and asking for assistance – especially if the assistance you are seeking is from God or your universal source. I know, I know, I am using that “G” word again. Do yourself a favor and just get over it. You would not be...
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When God Winks Part 2

Dr. Success Challenge: This one should be easy. All that is needed is that you tell yourself the truth. Last week’s challenge was to keep track of all the coincidences that occurred during the week. This week’s challenge is to answer this one question: Did you complete last week’s challenge? “Yes” or “No”. Nothing changes...
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When God Winks Help You Get Unstuck

Dr. Success Challenge: Make a list of every coincidence that occurred today. Things like an email arriving from someone you had been meaning to contact; your returning to the office to say one last thing to someone and you see a report on your desk you had wanted to take with you and would have...
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