Looking for Beauty

by Andrea Goeglein What if looking for beauty every day was a natural part of your day?  Do you think your mood and emotional well-being would benefit?  Research suggests that, in fact, it would.  The trick to finding beauty in our everyday lives is to look for it wherever you go.  And be present enough...
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Unexpected Gifts

When I created the Random Acts of Kindle Kindness to celebrate the one year anniversary of the events that became Don’t Die with Your Song Unsung, I had some strategic goals for the book and the campaign. I did not achieve those goals. Instead, the campaign is achieving goals I could never have planned to achieve —...
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Synchronicity – Again

A few weeks ago I went to dinner with my husband and two friends. Durng our conversation, I told  them how I had been contacted by an acquaintance I had not heard from in at least 5 years.  I had seen the person maybe once, in passing, during that 5 year period. We were enjoying dinner...
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When God Winks Help You Get Unstuck

Dr. Success Challenge: Make a list of every coincidence that occurred today. Things like an email arriving from someone you had been meaning to contact; your returning to the office to say one last thing to someone and you see a report on your desk you had wanted to take with you and would have...
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