When God Winks Help You Get Unstuck

Dr. Success Challenge: Make a list of every coincidence that occurred today. Things like an email arriving from someone you had been meaning to contact; your returning to the office to say one last thing to someone and you see a report on your desk you had wanted to take with you and would have forgotten if you did not return to speak to that person; or you are invited to a meeting by someone you do not know and find out they authored four books by a publisher you do a lot of business with — yet never noticed that authors name before; or you confirm a meeting with a woman who you have just been introduced to electronically and moments later you enter a meeting and her name is the first one you hear being discussed. Coincidences. Synchronicity. Synergy. These things happen every day, many times a day. Yet, we tend not to take notice other than by a momentary awareness. The challenge for this week is to notice — really notice — when these things occur, and then make a list and add to it each time something else occurs.

This challenge is exactly what author SQuire Rushnell (yes, the “Q” is capitalized) suggests in his 2001 book, When God Winks. SQuire is no business lightweight. His career included the presidency of a cable television network and a 20 year stint as a senior ABC Television executive in charge of everything from Good Morning America to the ABC Afterschool Specials. If keeping note of coincidences worked for him, heck, I’m game!

Reading this book gave me so many winks I had to laugh. I had purchase the book after reading a review, and completely forgot I had it in my audio library. As I was getting ready for a recent trip, I searched my Kindle for audio books to listen to as I drove (a neat feature of the newest Kindle model). There was When God Winks. I decided that the fact I had forgotten I even purchased it, and that it was in audio format, meant that was the book I was to listen to on my drive. Early in the book the author used the term “guideposts”. Now admittedly it’s not an unusual word, yet it is a word I have devoted total blog posts to when describing “guideposts on the crooked road of success.”

I like that his suggestion to notice coincidences is not to “prove” you should do this or that, but instead to just notice and allow the noticing to guide you. He also uses examples of “winks” from positive and negative situations. Most important, he suggests you notice so that you are continually aware that you are not alone. He does not debate who or what God is, just that you take notice of a “higher, cosmic power” working in your life.
That is how to get Unstuck. You see Unstuck is the newest book by author Libby Gill. Libby is the woman I had been given an electronic introduction to, confirmed a time to speak, and walked into another meeting with five strangers from five different states across the US, and the first conversion I am hearing is about Libby Gill and how incredible her work is. I smiled and accepted the wink. That silent wink turned to laughter the next day when she and I finally connected telephonically. You see, she had been a senior television executive before leaving to publish her book series and create her strategy and branding company.

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