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Doctors Advice: Take A Vacation

It is amazing what we need research to justify before we are willing to pause long enough to potentially heed the advice.  You would think that the benefits of taking periodic rest breaks and taking time off for a vacation would not need to be researched to convince you it is a good idea.  If...
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Random Act of Kindle Kindness

As August, 2012 comes to a close with the light of a Blue Moon, I wanted to re-post this offer that expires this Monday.  Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day Weekend.  If your travels take you to Queens, NY Resorts World New York, Gary Russo will be performing free at the 360 Bar, Sunday...
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Part of the Don’t Die Book structure is to encourage the reader to pass the book along when they are finished reading.  There is even a page in the back to sign and date as you pass along. I received this photo of a copy of Don’t Die with Your Song Unsung on the nightstand...
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Huffington Post Thank You

Don’t Die with Your Song Unsung made the Huffington Post today.  Thank you Kim Michele Richardson.
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Meaningful Work

I invested several hours yesterday developing this Saturday’s Don’t Die workshop.  Part of that work was reviewing comments from people who have shared they have been touched by the work we have done together in the past.  I dug out a copy of Jana Ruth’s book, P.L.A.Y.  Jana told me that because I had allowed her to...
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Books, Publishing and Writing

Notice the title of this post.  There is a reason, of course. As I prepare for my upcoming Don’t Die with Your Book Inside You Workshop (Saturday, March 31, 9:30  a.m. – 5:00 p.m. – 702 243 4040 to register), Gary Russo sent me this Huffington Post article about what it took to get an outstanding...
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Good Multiplies – Part 2

Nothing like instant gratification to inspire me to keep moving forward.  That is particularly true when it seems like I am investing more time walking into a wind storm than being lifted by a wind at my back. Last night I received this message from the person who got her copy of Don’t Die at...
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Good Multiplies

At the launch of Don’t Die with Your Song Unsung I made a request to friends and business associates to please purchase a copy of the book on Amazon. One friend, Micheal Zislis, owner of The Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach, responded to that request with an order for enough copies of the book for...
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Tis the seasons to be thinking, buying, wrapping, and sending gifts.  Tis also the season to remember you have natural gifts that lead to your life satisfaction and success – naturally — if you use them.  The reason life is better, more satisfying and more successful if you use your natural talents is summed up...
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