amy ayoub

Can We Please Complete 2021?

As I re-read my 2020 annual post on Competing and Remembering, I had to laugh. If anyone had told me in November of 2020 that 2021 would feel more challenging than 2020, I may have made other plans!  I guess that is why we really don’t want to know the future no matter how grand...
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What a difference a year makes

One year ago today, the events that became the book Don’t Die with Your Song Unsung, began to unfold. To celebrate, the Kindle Edition of Don’t Die Unsung will be available for FREE if you are an Amazon Prime member — or for the silly price of 99 Cents if you are not — for the...
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Part of the Don’t Die Book structure is to encourage the reader to pass the book along when they are finished reading.  There is even a page in the back to sign and date as you pass along. I received this photo of a copy of Don’t Die with Your Song Unsung on the nightstand...
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Action vs. Reaction

Last week on a radio interview with Amy Ayoub on her show Moving People to Action, I made the following statement:  “It is better to take action than take no action.” Today during my morning reflection time, I realized there is a major caveat I must mention about my belief in taking action.  That caveat...
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