Can We Please Complete 2021?

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As I re-read my 2020 annual post on Competing and Remembering, I had to laugh.

If anyone had told me in November of 2020 that 2021 would feel more challenging than 2020, I may have made other plans!  I guess that is why we really don’t want to know the future no matter how grand or not so grand it is.  We do learn more from experience than from advance warnings (but I, for one, know I still think I want to know in advance!)

This year in addition to my Completing and Remembering questions for you to play with, I am including a link to an additional blog from speech coach extraordinaire, Amy Ayoub.  I felt her piece exploring “what do we tolerate” was a great companion for Completing and Remembering.

This year I also decided to share my answers to these annual questions.  Since I really have been surprised how challenging 2021 has felt, I wanted to be as transparent as possible.  The work of self-exploration is not just something I suggest you do.  The work of self-exploration is the work I believe we all would benefit from doing.

Remembering and Completing 2021

What was your biggest triumph of 2021?

That I made it to November and still hold the expectation that the future of our country and relationships will benefit from the last decade.

What was the smartest decision you made in 2021?

To invest time and money in the Hey, Boss Lady! podcast.

What one word best sums up and describes your 2021 experience?

Groundhog Day (Yes, I know that I used two words!)

What was the greatest lesson you learned in 2021?

When you think things will shift faster than they do, get ready to be wrong.

What was the most loving service you performed in 2021?
Making trips to be with our newest grandson, Arrow, so his parents can continue to have lots of fun.  I know this is a service to them, yet we all know this is an act of service that returns more than I give – like all acts of service.

What is your biggest piece of unfinished business in 2021?

Attracting a highly engaged, multi-generational audience for the work I so love doing.

Who were the three people that had the greatest impact on your life in 2021?

My Mom, Christina Terzano.  Bonus son, Scott Goeglein. And Arrow Terra Mintek Rizer.

What was the biggest risk you took in 2021?

Spiritually committing to turn over every question I have, on a moment-by-moment basis, and trust I will be directed to my highest good.

What was the biggest surprise in 2021?

How little I remember about the first year of our daughter, Dana Rizer’s, life.  Those lack of memories were a great reminder how doing too much, worrying too much, and not trusting enough can screw up your good memories.

What important relationship improved the most in 2021?

For me, it is not so much an improved but enriched one.  My Uncle Pat and I have really deep conversations now.

What compliment would you like to have received in 2021?

The fun thing for me about this question was that I have finally grown old enough that I first was remembering compliments I DID RECEIVE, instead of rushing to what I did not receive.  BTW the Yelp reviews were one of the many highlights since I was so silly that I did not even think about the fact they would actually be doing reviews of our work together.  That was silly since I was presenting to Elite Yelp Reviewers!  Dana Rizer mentioned that to me the day before I did the presentation and I had an “oh, crap” moment.  But back to the one, I would have liked to receive:  “You look so calm and well-rested as if you don’t have a care in the world.”  Need I say more. 

What compliment would you like to have given 2021?

To Richard Goeglein:  You are so content and really make the effort to make your days great.

What else do you need to do or say to be complete as you begin 2022?

Is 2022 here yet?  Just remember no year is either good or bad.  My thoughts create my life.  Think better thoughts.

I would end by saying that what else I am doing as I end 2021 and begin 2022 is thinking about what I have tolerated that needs to be completed.  Cleaning up those things big and little will really allow 2021 to be complete.

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