How Does a Self-Employed Person Resign?

How does a self-employed person resign?  That is the question I have been asking myself for several months now.  Resigning from my current work has actually become a 2022 goal!

The questions I want to ask you before you read further are:

  1. Do you feel like you need a career or livelihood change?
  2. If so, can you think back as to when those feelings started?

I have been a brick-and-mortar business owner and a self-employed consultant for my entire adult life.  If I worked for some corporations and in some positions, I would be past mandatory retirement age.  I have attended some incredible ThePEER150HR webinars as the leading CHROs debate the evolving workplace and the various shifts in employment migration.  This year, most of my clients have been debating, securing, or envisioning new positions, many in new cities.  Many of the fabulous Hey, Boss Lady! Podcast guests have told one version or another of how their businesses, positions, or organizations have systemically shifted since early 2020.

Rarely am I envious, but all this change and talk of change clearly has made me restless.  I want in on the shift.  I am excited about the possibility of how the structure of work will change to allow for greater achievement and greater life satisfaction across all age groups.  I have always been excited about technology.  Finally, I get the sense we will be able to harness technology’s potential to learn and develop into any age and stage of life and work.

And that is as far as I have gotten in knowing what all that will look like as far as my business and media interests are concerned.  I know I want new responsibilities and opportunities, and I don’t know what those exactly look like yet.  Such is the dilemma when a self-employed person wants to resign.

I do know when the real seeds of change and restlessness in my work were planted, and it was not in March of 2020.  No, for me, it was seven years earlier when I began working with a then UNLV honors college senior, Michael Grema, on his senior thesis project.  Michael’s project: The creation of UNLV’s first TEDx event.  Michael had convinced an incredible team of honors college seniors to work with him on his project.  Michael did not call me, at least not initially.  No, I got a call from Liz Baldizan, Ed.D.  I met Liz when she headed the Jean Nidetch Women’s Center.  Liz and I had attempted and failed to get a women’s conference off the ground, and she knew I wanted to see a TEDx event in Las Vegas.  The year was 2015.

The details of what happened next and how are not important, but as I try to explain my own current restlessness, I can see clearly that meeting Michael and being a part of his senior thesis dream solidified a lifelong interest I had in multigenerational relationships.

Over the next several months, you will see inside my personal Petri dish of change as I broaden and build my next opportunity to grow and learn.

You see, my years of working with business owners and creators have shown me that the self-employed do not get to resign from their chosen livelihood, so much as to redesign where they want to put their life energy next.

I would appreciate knowing about your current state of restlessness, where you think you are headed, and why.  Reach out on social media or send a note to



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