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Bad Boss

Bad Boss Bad Health

Being featured in FastCompany is an honor.  Being featured with an icon in the organizational development industry such as Jeffrey Pfeffer is humbling.  Of course, I am all good with being humbled!  All kidding aside, the subject of this article is no laughing matter.  Your boss can inspire you to achieve great work — or...
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Remembering the ‘Firsts’

Marissa Mayer’s appointment as the CEO of Yahoo! has created a lot of conversation.  Initially, I was saddened at the focus.  I felt the stories were paying attention to Marissa’s personal life in a way that would not have happen if a 37 year old male had been appointed to the position.  Then I needed to...
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Meaningful Work

I invested several hours yesterday developing this Saturday’s Don’t Die workshop.  Part of that work was reviewing comments from people who have shared they have been touched by the work we have done together in the past.  I dug out a copy of Jana Ruth’s book, P.L.A.Y.  Jana told me that because I had allowed her to...
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