Channeling Your Inner Ukrainian

Do you remember the first time you wondered if you would be brave enough to take an action you knew others were brave enough to take? Do you remember your answer when you asked yourself, “Will I be willing to do that?” I am the girl who wrote the book, Don’t Die Waiting to be...
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The Power of Long-Term Relationships

Long-Term relationships usually require courage, but not my relationship with Bill Treasurer.  I have known Bill since 2007 and it is not a giant leap for me to call him a friend.  I featured one of Bill’s first Berrett-Koehler books, Courage Goes to Work, on my TV segment, Books That Matter, and he was a...
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Happy 1st Birthday to the Brave

Happy 1st Birthday, Don’t Die™ Waiting to Be Brave! To celebrate the 1st birthday of the book, I thought it would be super if you would buy a copy as a holiday gift for someone you love.  And either you or your loved one will receive a FREE 30-minute Coaching Session with me. Watch this quick video...
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Teaching ~ Lessons ~ Life

by Andrea Goeglein Teachings, lessons and life. Recently at a book club gathering I was asked to clarify what exactly it means to ‘teach what you need to learn’.  That, of course, is one of the Don’t Die™ Principles and the reader was attempting to connect the concept as much in her own life as...
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What are you waiting for?

By Andrea Goeglein Wondering what to do to celebrate Earth Day? How about a workshop to help you spring into action? Friday, April 22, 2016    9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.    Contact me directly to register:  DrSuccess@ServingSuccess.com Be brave.  Stop waiting. Start living better.
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The Living Spirit of Brave

By Andrea Goeglein Every so often I encounter a person who is a example of a living spirit — a person who is living what it means to be brave.  In those moments, I get to experience exactly what I am trying to live and teach.  Nothing clarifies a purpose more than seeing what it...
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Not Waiting to be Brave

By Andrea Goeglein Dr. Success Challenge:  How brave are you? Imagine you are 25 years old and you are about to choose your graduate school.  You have full-scholarship offers from Harvard, the Mayo Clinic and University of California San Diego.  Which would you pick? The answer?  Read on. A year ago I met a young man...
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