Teachers Teach

Teachers teach, and we are all teachers. Question:  Do you pause long enough to know when you are teaching and when you are being taught? I have been trained to appreciate that everyone I meet is my teacher, no matter the supposed purpose of our meeting.  Dr. Patrick Scott came into my life as a teacher....
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Teaching ~ Lessons ~ Life

by Andrea Goeglein Teachings, lessons and life. Recently at a book club gathering I was asked to clarify what exactly it means to ‘teach what you need to learn’.  That, of course, is one of the Don’t Die™ Principles and the reader was attempting to connect the concept as much in her own life as...
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Why Teachers Teach

Why do teachers teach?  It certainly is not for fame and fortune, but I did experience the answer in real time last week. Recently as I entered a restaurant with my husband Richard and our friend, Dr. Gard Jameson, a young woman approached.  She said, “Dr. Jameson, I am so-and-so, I took a class from you...
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