bill treasurer

The Power of Long-Term Relationships

Long-Term relationships usually require courage, but not my relationship with Bill Treasurer.  I have known Bill since 2007 and it is not a giant leap for me to call him a friend.  I featured one of Bill’s first Berrett-Koehler books, Courage Goes to Work, on my TV segment, Books That Matter, and he was a...
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This week has been all about freedom in the United States.   Freedom may have been the theme, but I was reminded how important the emotional strength of courage is to our freedom in some unusual ways.  The courage of those who protect our freedom is obvious.  What I had lost focus of was how much courage it takes  achieve...
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Follow up and Connections

Dr. Success Challenge: Is there someone — or a host of someones — who you need to follow up with but have been avoiding?  Is there a connection you need to make that you have  been procrastinating actually making?  I am writing today from Nike territory, so the only guidance I can share is:  Just...
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Leaders Open Doors

Disclaimer:  I am not a professional literary reviewer.  I am a professional applied positive psychologist and business book USER.  What follows is my professional opinion about how you can put to use the great suggestions in a new book:  Leaders Open Doors by Bill Treasurer I encourage you to purchase this book on Friday, May...
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Greg Smith, Goldman Sachs and Courage

In this week’s episode of the CBS drama, The Good Wife, a lead character is chastised by a subordinate with the line, “It’s a tough economy for integrity.”  The line stopped me in my tracks because I believe it to be true.  Any serious business person has read or heard of the now infamous public...
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Giant Leap Consulting posted the following in their newsletter: During the winter months, our pace often slows down. If we look around us, nature seems to do it too. Animals hibernate, trees go bare, growth slows down and prepares for the warmth of Spring. Now is also an opportune time for organizations to consider what...
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