Waiting is Action — Part 2

I want to offer proof that Waiting is Action.  Here are the follow-up steps I have been communicating with those who attended my Don’t Die Waiting workshop which focused on the importance of creating new habits while you ‘wait’ to achieve a desired goal. Review the goal you are attempting to achieve. Think about what has...
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Waiting is Action

by Andrea Goeglein Have you ever considered waiting as a form of taking action?  This Dr. Success Challenge is short.  Just answer these questions: Dr. Success Challenge:  Are you restless when you have to wait?  Are you uncomfortable if you are not seeing results from your efforts quickly?  What are you doing while you are waiting? I...
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What are you waiting for?

By Andrea Goeglein Wondering what to do to celebrate Earth Day? How about a workshop to help you spring into action? Friday, April 22, 2016    9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.    Contact me directly to register:  DrSuccess@ServingSuccess.com Be brave.  Stop waiting. Start living better.
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