completing and remembering checklist

Harvesting Your Completing and Remembering

Usually, I wait for the last week of the year to post the list of questions known as “Completing and Remembering”.  This year I had a different thought.  What if we thought about the questions 60 days before the end of the year?   What if we saw there were things missing and we still had time...
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Waiting is Action

by Andrea Goeglein Have you ever considered waiting as a form of taking action?  This Dr. Success Challenge is short.  Just answer these questions: Dr. Success Challenge:  Are you restless when you have to wait?  Are you uncomfortable if you are not seeing results from your efforts quickly?  What are you doing while you are waiting? I...
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How To Stay Motivated

Recently I was sent a list of questions by a freelance journalist interested in developing an article for an artesian trade magazine. The article was about how to stay motivated during economically challenging times. What follows was the response I submitted: The things you do to stay motivated in a down economy are the same...
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The Answers to Life are In the Questions You Ask

The Answers to Life are in the Questions You Ask How do you know…? In my profession it is not unusual to have someone ask a question as a way of seeking advice. I will be asked a question such as, “How do you know if a job offer is the right one to take?”...
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