The Answers to Life are In the Questions You Ask

The Answers to Life are in the Questions You Ask

How do you know…?

In my profession it is not unusual to have someone ask a question as a way of seeking advice. I will be asked a question such as, “How do you know if a job offer is the right one to take?” Or, “How do you know if this person is the right person to go into a partnership with?”

This week I received a different kind of question via email. It read more like a riddle than a question at first, but the longer I sat with the message, the more confident I became in my response.

The email question:

What is the difference between persevering, beating a dead horse and letting go?

My response was and is: The difference between those three is the level of spiritual strength. You persevere to achieve a valued life task (a goal), you beat a dead horse when you are afraid of what is next (fear), and you let go when you have released the fear (connecting with your spirit instead of your ego).

A week later the same person sent another question:

What’s the difference between denial and positive thinking?

Those of you who work with me and my philosophy could probably answer that one…

Answer: Whether or not you take ACTION!

There are a host of wonderful books about the art of asking questions to achieve results in work as in life. One I would highly recommend is Change Your Questions, Change Your Life by Marilee Adams. You can order the newest edition by clicking this link:

With appreciation for all the questions I am asked,

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