Resistance, Resilience, Transitions and Allowing

Dr. Success™ Challenge: If you feel stuck in any area of your life right now, find a book that inspires you (means you need to take action instead of complain). After reading the book, find five people to speak to about what you read, learned and what action you will be taking because of your learning.

Last night I went to dinner with a young, female entrepreneur who invested her life savings about 36 months ago to create a multi-city marketing service focused on the commercial real estate business. You are smart so you figure out the end of that conversation! However, after she explained the series of events that converged (yes, usually it is not one thing) and the compounding challenge of her businessman father’s multiple stokes at 58 years old, she ended the conversation laughing and saying, “I know it will all work out. This is just this moment in time. It is not the end of anything.”

From there is began to tell me what actions she has taken, and will be taking – starting with a meeting with an investment group today – to move her original company to a totally web-based platform. In addition, she described investing her time in the creation of a social networking system focused on a personal passion.

Here is what I know as sure as I know how to breathe: She will not only survive, she will thrive. Anyone want to bet me on that one?

Of course, I immediately recommended a book, Jill Bolte Taylor’s, Stoke of Insight. I also recommended she check out for Jill’s presentation on her life experience.

All of my adult life, books have guided my day-to-day existence. Whether I was in school, exploring my personal development or working with clients, the books I have been attracted to at the moment have some purpose greater than just my reading them. I have taken it as my version of life imitating art. Last night’s dinner is no exception. Several other things that occurred this week have caused me to want to suggest some “oldies, but goodies”.

If you are currently experiencing business and/or life changes that don’t seem to make any sense given all the goal-setting, preparation and hard work you have done, read or re-read Shifting Sands by Steve Donahue. If these current unexpected changes are causing you to slow your pace of commitment to your business goals, read or re-read How High Can You Bounce by Roger Crawford.

Don’t tell me you can’t afford to buy anymore books. If you are fortunate enough to be in the United States, you most likely live in a community with a public library. Start using and supporting your public library.

Happy reading, Andrea

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Andrea Goeglein is part organizational psychologist, part entrepreneur, and all about success—your success. She understands both the pressures you face and the dreams that inspire you. Andrea merges her experience as a business owner with her training in Positive Psychology to provide effective, efficient and challenging personal development products and services. She combines an emphasis on objective assessment with an approach that is always powered by your spirit and guided by your goals. Her professional development offerings are based in theory and backed by direct business knowledge.

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