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Liar, Liar, Life on Fire!

“If you want to live a fulfilling life, you have to start by being honest with yourself.” Dr. Cortney Warren, ChooseHonesty.com Have you ever noticed that it is easy for you to point to another and shout, “liar, liar, life on fire” but you have a hard time seeing where you may not be honest...
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Do You Have “Dead People’s Goals?” 

“I understand,” I say to them.  “But you have dead people’s goals.“ Dr. Susan David, TEDWomen 2017 And clients tell me I am direct!  Clearly, they have never listed to Dr. Susan David’s TED talk. From minute one of her talk, I knew I was going to like this woman and her thinking.  With great...
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Success by the Numbers

by Andrea Goeglein Success by the numbers can be counterproductive.  Instead of motivating you to achieve and flourish, you may be killing your success with the comparison. Imagine this scenario.  You are in your mid-twenties and a Type-A business associate you want to impress asks you:  “Do you know your number?” Thinking the question was...
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The Power of Long-Term Relationships

Long-Term relationships usually require courage, but not my relationship with Bill Treasurer.  I have known Bill since 2007 and it is not a giant leap for me to call him a friend.  I featured one of Bill’s first Berrett-Koehler books, Courage Goes to Work, on my TV segment, Books That Matter, and he was a...
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3 Ways Self-Deception Costs Businesses Money

Telling lies and self-deception are subjects I have written a lot about in my career.  Now, I need to be direct. I am here to tell you that you will never achieve the success you desire in life and business unless you stop deceiving yourself. Just about now I can hear you saying to yourself...
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[VIDEO] 4 Ways Fatigue is Your Teacher

Are you feeling as though you are always tired?  Are you always saying that you are so tired you cannot seem to get anything done?  Do you worry out loud that fatigue is causing you to fail in life? I believe fatigue is a well-disguised avoidance technique.  Are you willing to entertain the possibility that...
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Young, Focused and #AChronic FxxxUp!

Whether you are young and focused or older and focused, there are times when someone can say something to you that just lands wrong.  Then again, have you ever had someone say something that was meant to tear you down, but instead, it caused you to rise higher than you ever expected?
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Are You a Contender?

Do you feel as though you are just too tired to try again? Do you feel you land the punches perfectly but keep getting knocked down? Do you wonder if you have it in you to get up, yet again, and fight the good fight? Do you feel all those things and try again, anyway;...
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Teachers Teach

Teachers teach, and we are all teachers. Question:  Do you pause long enough to know when you are teaching and when you are being taught? I have been trained to appreciate that everyone I meet is my teacher, no matter the supposed purpose of our meeting.  Dr. Patrick Scott came into my life as a teacher....
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