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Why Your Strengths- Not Your Passions Are the Key to a Happy Career

Preface — The following piece originally ran in the Brit.co. The author interviewed me extensively on a topic I love to discuss. What was fun about this piece coming out is it gave me a chance to teach what I needed to learn. I had been interviewed for the piece, but never knew when the...
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Regrets and The Business of Love

“If only.” Those must be the two saddest words in the world. -Mercedes Lackey As Valentine’s Day approaches there is always an avalanche of relationship advice.  Reading all the advice may leave you feeling as though you can bury any hope of happiness in your love or your work relationships.   You might be busy...
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Completing and Remembering 2018

Completing and Remembering 2018

I have an annual tradition of posting the following Completing and Remembering list of questions sometime in late December each year.  This year I was not going to send. Then a former client and now forever friend wrote and asked when was I going to send out the questions!  It takes so little to motivate me...
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Thanksgiving Came Too Fast!

Perception is everything and my perception is Thanksgiving came too fast in 2018!  As a person who knows that being grateful is a 365/24/7 activity, I am having a hard time being grateful Thanksgiving Day is less than 48 hours away! So what’s a girl to do? Stop, drop the drama, make a list of...
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The Business of Flourishing - Executive Coaching

Success Courses: The Business of Flourishing

Success Courses: The Business of Flourishing Wonder if you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur/Intrapreneur? Come find out what the business of flourishing is all about on Saturday, November 17, 2018 Do you work for a company but daydream of owning your own business? Do you own your own business and daydream of...
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3 Things Suicide Has Taught Me

by Andrea Goeglein Suicide.  Everyone seems to know and love someone who decided to end their life by means of suicide.  For me, the list is long and spans 30 years.  The list includes a friend’s husband, neighbors, business associates, friend’s children and grandchildren, my cousin, Gary Russo (just to list a few).  With each...
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10 Ways to Connect Work Thrive

Do you agree with this next sentence?  There may be more than 10 ways to connect, work and thrive but in the summertime when the livin is easy, it can feel as though every plan, person, and opportunity is on hold due to vacation. Do you feel like your sense of urgency is being met...
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The Strength of Goals and Meaning

The Business of Flourishing  Part 2 – The Strength of Goals and Meaning Saturday, August 18, 2018 When you get to your business or job in the morning, do you wonder is it really worth my time? Do you question if how you are spending your days matters to anyone – especially yourself? Do you...
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Are You Ready To Serve Your Success?

By Andrea Goeglein Do you feel serving your success makes you greedy and self-severing? Do you feel investing time and money your development to increase your satisfaction means you are a bit self-consumed? Do you feel even considering putting yourself first makes you a bit too prideful for your own good? Are you willing to experience...
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