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The Lady Bosses of the Pandemic Part 1

This short video clip exemplifies the inspiring conversations being held with CEO of SafeNest, Liz Ortenburger    on  The Lady Bosses of the Pandemic.  Read below to learn what Hey, Boss Lady and The Lady Bosses of the Pandemic are all about. Before you do that, watch and listen to the conversation with Liz to see if you can hear these great leadership and life lessons:

  1. Prepare for uncertainty. Don’t just look at the obvious (like what the numbers are ‘telling’ you).  Anticipant what might be missing from the information you are receiving.
  2. Use what you have in new ways. Rapidly adapt existing technology to accommodate your current needs.
  3. Diversify your streams of revenue, personal income and where you look for those sources.

How The Boss Ladies of the Pandemic Came to Life

Think back 60 days.  What were you doing and what were your plans for the rest of March 2020?  Think of the words you were using the most.  Some that come to mind for me are ‘presentations’, ‘programs’ and ‘political campaigns’.  On or about March 11, 2020, however, my words began to change.  Without realizing it, words such as, ‘pandemic’, ‘shelter-in-place’, ‘economic implications’, ‘recession’, ‘unemployment’, ‘furlough’ seemed to fit their way into every other sentence.

When the conversational dust began to settle, it was time to see what could be resurrected from the plans I had made.  One 2020 project that I knew I wanted to see stay alive was a new podcast, Hey, Boss Lady.  HBL is a collaborative effort between myself and my co-host, Kristi Atwater, professionally produced by NPR producer, Sally Eisele.

When the team of Hey, Boss Lady entered the Great Pause, there were two studio-produced podcasts edited and ready, and four additional interviews scheduled for the following week.  The production of the last four interviews would have completed our first series. We planned for the series to be released by mid-April.  Just remembering how well thought out and solid our plan made me think about the line, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

Fast forward to our reality check.  We knew we had gathered some exceptional women with exceptional stories to tell.  We did not want to cancel our plans for the podcast, and we have not.  We knew we could not get back into a professional studio for a while.  We also knew we wanted to tap into our guests’ knowledge and experience in present time. We wanted to explore how they were applying everything they thought they knew about leadership to their first global pandemic (and might I add, hopefully, our last global economic shutdown).  We invited many of them to engage in conversations about just that topic:  Hey, boss lady what is it like to lead in a global crisis?

Let me know how you like this segment.  Drop me a line at DrSuccess@ServingSuccess.com or stop by the Hey, Boss Lady Facebook Page and leave a comment.






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