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Progressive Pandemic Growth Syndrome Part 2

Not sure about you but I needed to focus a bit more on Progressive Pandemic Growth!  It is natural (but not the most productive as I wrote in my last post) to focus on all we have collectively lost in the months since the Coronavirus invaded our lives and our thinking.  I have been amazed...
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Progressive Pandemic Growth Syndrome

Are you ready to experience some progressive pandemic growth syndrome? Progressive pandemic growth syndrome is a phrase that represents the ability to strive for favorable solutions when outcomes are uncertain.  To start, think back on the last 120 days. How is your business? How is your health? Have your relationships changed? Hold your answers to those...
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Hey, Boss Lady

The Lady Bosses of the Pandemic Part 2   

The weeks of the 2020 global pandemic have evolved into months, and business leaders everywhere are rewriting their plans for the rest of this year and beyond.  As Liz Ortenburger, CEO of SafeNest, continued her conversation with Kristi Atwater and me for our Hey, Boss Lady podcast, we got around to the question of personal...
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Hey, Boss Lady

The Lady Bosses of the Pandemic Part 1

This short video clip exemplifies the inspiring conversations being held with CEO of SafeNest, Liz Ortenburger    on  The Lady Bosses of the Pandemic.  Read below to learn what Hey, Boss Lady and The Lady Bosses of the Pandemic are all about. Before you do that, watch and listen to the conversation with Liz to see...
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Do You Want To Stop Negative Self Chatter and Stress?

In this unprecedented time, more than ever we are needing skills and insights to cope with stress, negative self chatter, and feelings of disconnection.  I am part of a free online series, with other experts, that have come together to offer you our expert wisdom and experience to help you through these times. This Free...
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Resolve to Create Goals that Work

by Andrea Goeglein No matter the time of year, when you resolve to strive for a goal, set the goal using one of the many methods that work.  I discuss my preferred way in this current LiveHappy Podcast, but there are a host of methods I respect. One simple method is to create steps by...
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Does your life have meaning?

By Andrea Goeglein – No matter the time of year, you can be sure the topic of creating a life with meaning has relevance.  In my work, I teach it is ‘easy’ to find meaning if you know and use your natural strengths — your values in action. As we begin another decade, pause and...
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integrity leadership social media

Integrity, leadership and social media

by Andrea Goeglein – Integrity and leadership have been central to my research and to leadership success. I have always been inspired by the topic.  I wrote my dissertation on the values-based transformational leadership in the mid-1990s (yes, I know before some of you were born – I am actually proud of that!).  As we...
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Feel the spirit of the season

The No Blog Blog

by Andrea Goeglein It is the day before Thanksgiving in the United States. You don’t need any advice from me.  Hopefully this will be the last email you open before closing up ‘shop’ for a day to bask in the positive feelings of love all around you. I am grateful you receive my newsletter.  May...
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