30 is the New 20

I appreciate it when a “mistake” is so perfect it sets off a chain reaction of good.  That is exactly what happened when a friend recommended to a group of us that we watch an episode of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.  The episode was celebrating the 20-year anniversary of Marianne Williams’ book, A Return to Love.  The only thing is that 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the book’s publication, not its 20th.  The segment my friend recommended was already 10 years old.  That is why 30 is the new 20.

I have relistened to this piece so many times over the last few days – and shared it with a few friends — that it became the best mistake ever.  Listening to the wisdom of the book through Marianne and Oprah’s conversation was a bit mind-blowing.  Without exception what was being said 10 years ago about what had been written 30 years ago, could have been said today. It shows again that it is not as though we do not know about the problems, and what the solutions are, we just have a hard time remembering

“Remember to Remember”

Michael Bernard Beckwith

As you know my current work in The Ageless Edge focuses on the importance of intergenerational co-learning.  What I had never thought of was a statement Marianne shared, “younger people know more about those things that WILL CHANGE [such as technology] and older people know more about those things that WILL NOT CHANGE [spiritual principles and the importance of love].”

The conversation covered how climate change will cause refugee migrations, something we are seeing clearly in 2022.

Another fact I had never focused on was that humans are the only species that destroy their own habitats (usually through war or ecological neglect).

Thoughts of social media influencers came to mind when I heard the reason so many of us desire to become stars (or influencers) is that we are not yet starring in our own lives.

Then there were the learnings that I have integrated so deeply into my way of being I have forgotten where they came from.

  • Everything is just information for me (and you) to learn from.  The information is not a “lesson” designed to punish you until you get it right.
  • Everything is either love or a call for love (otherwise known as fear).
  • Love is.  Fear is learned.
  • Every day ask yourself the question, “Who have I not forgiven?”  And remember to start with yourself!
  • If you say it is hard to forgive, just sit for a while with how much time you spend thinking about the person you won’t forgive!  I think you could use your time better on something better!
  • A closed heart blocks your vision and you cannot see the love that is around you.

The last point was driven home by Marianne using the example of a young child.  Young children come into the world ready to know love.  Hate, which is a form of fear, children must be taught.  She suggested you look at a child to support her point.  I will close by offering the one that is helping me relearn yet again that returning is love is the only job I have (and I hope you felt the “we” in that statement.

Feel the spirit of the season
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