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In the category of ‘there are no coincidences”, about a week ago I found myself watching one of the final episodes of Oprah. Although I am a devoted fan, student and teacher of her work, I have not seen a segment on the air date in literally years. I specifically tuned in because I had seen a commercial describing the episode and it caught my attention. (So commercials do still work by the way.)

The episode was number 26 in her 30 day countdown and the guest academy award winning filmmaker, Tom Shadyac. His newest movie – actually a documentary – will not win any academy awards, yet it will contribute one of the user-friendly pieces on the concept of evolving consciousness. The movie is entitled I AM.

A life altering illness caused Shadyac to question his established concepts about success. He got to the same place I did when I wrote in my book, “This book is my attempt to dispel a myth that has been perpetrated on the unsuspecting masses for many generation. The myth I refer to is the one that assures if you do your homework, earn good grades, and graduate from the right schools, you will land a job or create a business that will provide you riches, happiness, health, and love; you will achieve your “happily ever after.”

My book and the movie I AM focus on the myth part of that sentence.

Go see the movie. It is worth the ticket price and more.

Dr. Success Challenge: Make a list – as long as you would like – about what is RIGHT with the world.

Enjoy. Peace be with you and thank you Roxanne W. Isbey, Jr. for the wonderful photograph.
Andrea T. Goeglein, PhD

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