Emily in Paris Meet Andrea in Paris

Emily in Paris was and is one of my guilty binge-worthy pleasures.  The setting, the clothes, the characters.    I prepared for my vacation there this week by doing all the normal things one does for a trip.   I packed, organized, and shut out all the unthinkable things that occurred during the week by rewatching every episode of Emily in Paris.  Emily in Paris made for a very good distraction from ruminating.  I was able to block out all the people who have said to me over the last five years how silly I was to be concerned about thinking women’s rights would be negatively impacted by changes I saw happening around me.  Silly me.

The series Emily in Paris is pure fantasy.  It is a great diversion from reality.  Indulge now and recharge.  There is much work to be done.

PS:  The photo of Dana and me is from 2012 — 10 years ago!  There will be plenty of updates in the coming weeks.

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