Richard Davidson

Think Meditation is Woo Woo? Think Again!

When Stanford researcher, Emma Seppälä, published her blog, 20 Scientific Reasons to Start Meditating Today: New Research shows meditation boosts your health, happiness and success, I thought the definitive case for meditation had finally been made.  Seppälä’s blog hyperlinks to accredited studies from every field.  She is far from the first (my long-time resource has been anything...
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Don’t Die Waiting for Your Brain to Change

There are some things you should not wait to take action to change.  Actually, your brain depends on your taking some easy, fun and free actions.  At IPPA in June, I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Joyce Shaffer explain some wonderful research in neuroplasticity (how the brain can change itself).  Dr. Shaffer did not just discuss the...
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