The Sharks Lean Out

On  May 11 I posted a blog referencing Sherly Sandberg’s advice in her book, Lean In.

This past Friday I saw for the first time a re-run of a Shark Tank episode featuring a team of teen inventors — 5 young women and 1 young man ages 12-18.

I urge you to watch the video for yourself.  I was shocked at what I saw.

See if you agree with my assessment:  Observe how a young woman is the first to speak, young women are the majority of the group…yet when Barbara backs out and only male investors are left…the male investors directed their deal to the young man.  Then the young man does not consult with his team prior to taking the deal…and the girls, when congratulating themselves at the end of the show…initially leave out the young man.  I think this clip should be studied long and hard! 

I know there is little reality in reality tv — and a lot of the segment is on the floor in some editing room.  However, it appears the kids are smart enough to invent a terrific product, but the adults producing the show are not smart enough to see how they have contributed to blatantly sexist stereotypes. I would be interested to see how Robert would react if someone ignored his 16 year old daughter’s contribution to an invention.

We have come so far and yet have so far to go.


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