A G.I.’s Vietnam Diary

I have just returned from a fabulous journey to Barcelona, Spain. I return in time to celebrate Memorial Day in the United States. As part of that tribute, I will be journeying to Prescott, AZ within hours to discuss a book written in 1974 by a then very young Vietnam veteran, Dominick Yezzo. Judge Yezzo will actually be joining me in the studio of AM Arizona on Friday, May 28.

A G.I.’s Vietnam Diary: A Journey Through Myself is short on pages (less than 85) and long on impact. The book is actually the journal Judge Yezzo kept when he was sent to Vietnam, wounded within 10 days of his arrival, and forced to find meaning in life much earlier than his Italian parents would have wanted.

Several times this year I have been shown how journals kept during one’s life, help sculpt the life of the author even when being an author was never part of their life plan. While many his age were counting the days till their high school graduation, Dominick pens the torment of counting the number of dead in his platoon, the number of bombs he heard that day, and the number of days until he can go home.

And then there is the love. Just as I have been shown how journaling served the life of the author, I was also shown how love can grow even in the darkest days of a life.

Once again, the great philosophers known as The Beatles had it right: All You Need Is Love.

Thank you to all who have served our country, yesterday, today, and always,

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