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danbo and ghosts

3 Karmas of Business Ghosting

by Andrea Goeglein Have you ever gone on a job interview and thought you did great, but never hear from the interviewer or a company representative as to the status of your interview? Have you ever been chased by a headhunter to go on a job interview, then have the headhunter stop returning your calls?...
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Find the Words

      “Find the words and you will find the way.”   – Anonymous I write and speak a lot about words and language.  As you know, I am of the school of research and thought that espouses language guides everything from our ability to be optimistic to our ability to relieve depression.  Language...
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Millennials and the Business of Political Correctness

Political correctness matters to me and my work because it is about language. Just hold that thought as you read and listen.  Most importantly, call to mind your thoughts and feelings about political correctness, especially how those thoughts and feelings have impacted your business life. Every comic knows, timing is everything.  This blog and this...
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