Hate to break it to you…

I hate to break it to you, but if all goes well you will be 80 soon. Actually, sooner than you can accurately imagine.  Many a research study has been devoted to the gap between chronological age and a person’s psychological impression of their age. Remember, if all goes well, you will be 80 sooner than you can imagine.

Nothing helps us live in the moment better than realizing the moments we have to lived are fewer than ones we have left to live.  No one can teach us that lesson better than someone in their 80’s.   In the book Unforgettable, NPR journalist, Scott Simon, shares countless lessons he learned from his Mother as she nearer the end of her life.  This one sentence has driven me to buy and read the book:

Simon recounts his Mother saying: “You know, honey, you ought to spend more time talking to people in their 80’s because they have looked just across the street from death for a decade and they know what’s really important.”

What’s really important?  Yikes, I know that is not a question I like answer on any given day because usually I become concerned I am investing my time in the wrong places!

Dr. Success Challenge:  Find someone in their 80’s.  That should not be hard.  Now, have a meaningful conversation and ask, “Knowing what you know now, what is important to you today?”  The difficult part of this challenge is truthfully asking yourself if what they responded even makes it to your radar today.  Just something to think about.

Personal footnote:  I am 50% through Unforgettable and it is one of the most enjoyable books I have read in a long time.  I suggest getting the Audible version.  Listen to Scott Simon read the story makes it all the more Unforgettable.

Resource:  WCIU, The U  040815  http://www.wciu.com/videos/youandme/scott-simon-from-npr  Hint:  stay with this interview until you hear about when his Mom was a hand model!  Priceless!




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