Are you aware enough to change?

By Andrea Goeglein We do not change if we are not aware enough of new information that causes us to shift our perspective. The longer you hold a perspective, the truer you believe it is. Just because you believe something to be true does not make your perspective correct, it just means time solidifies your...
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Don’t Die Waiting for Time to Standstill

My first Don’t Die book traversed the true story of business loss and health loss.  The second Don’t Die book recounted the true story of a transformative 31 days of positive life change.  My third book is awaiting a vibrant true story that traverses and recounts a life experience that implores us all not to...
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The Work of the Ego

Being given a copy of Desideratra and learning that the author, Max Ehrmann (1872-1945) was generally unknown for this beautiful piece of work during his lifetime, has allowed me to consider the concept of the ego – and specifically, my ego.  During the last week, I was approached by a woman named Nancy.  Nancy had...
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Discomfort and Personal Development

Dr. Success Challenge thanks to TUT morning message:  Think of an area of your life you feel discomfort.  Things like your lack of follow up and follow through; your vocabulary before a speech; your finances; the condition of your home — either literally, figuratively or both.  Now imagine that area of comfort at 110% of...
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