When Is a Failure A Failure

by Andrea Goeglein I must say I have been asking myself a lot lately, “When is a failure, a failure?” The headlines in the news have caused me to pause more than once (actually more than once an hour lately).  There seems to be a lot of maligning of failure in the news.  As someone who...
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Every Failure is a Potential Success

In 2009, I was asked by a radio station manager in the Chicago area to create some one-minute inspiration spots.  I invested a lot of time and money having the spots produced, and was very satisfied with the end product.  I am not sure how many of them were aired prior to the station manager...
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Setting Goals and Failure

This week I set an ambitious goal.  I wanted my newest book, Don’t Die with YourSong Unsung, with Gary Russo, to make the top of the Amazon chart in self-help book sales.  I set a goal. I asked for help. The help and love showed up from all over the place. The goal was not...
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