Slow Learner

It appears I am a very slow learner.  This week a comment came though on an old blog post.  I wanted to see what the content was before I posted the comment.  After re-reading what I wrote a few years back I decided there is a reason why one of the main adages in the...
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Learning from “Bad” Experiences

I will not belabor the psychological adage which suggests we learn more from our mistakes than our successes, but I will share with you an in-time, real-life experience of a client (with permission).  This client knew action needed to be taken regarding their current position.  They wrote telling me they had learned a lot and...
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Learning, Comedy and Happiness

Lifetime learning enhances happiness (feelings of well-being) and watching comedy clips can enhance test scores. Seems like a win, win, win. A one minute reminder to enhance your learning. https://www.servingsuccess.com/audio/30/mp And scientific proof watching comedy enhances your test scores. http://deliveringhappinessatwork.com/happiness-increased-productivity-says-research/
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