Thoughts Poems and People

As an Applied Positive Psychology practitioner who works diligently to ‘practice what I preach’, I invest in reflective time each morning.  It is not uncommon that during my reflective time a person or situation for some unknown reason will come into my mind.  If appropriate, later in the day I usually reach out to the person just to let them know they came to mind – following the philosophy that every thought becomes a prayer.

Several weeks ago when all of the above occurred, I received a message back from the recipient of my thought that my process reminded him of his favorite poem by Roberto Juarroz from the book Vertical Poetry.

The first two lines of the poem reads:

“I think that at this moment

maybe nobody in the universe is thinking about me,”

And the last three lines are:

“That may be why

when you think of someone

it’s like saving them.”

Dr. Success Challenge:  Should you think of someone today, remember to let them know.  You never know when you just might be reminding them they are not forgotten and they are not alone.



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